Mother’s Day Activity for Middle School Math

by Jennie Webb

Middle school teachers aren’t really in to that cutesy Mother’s Day stuff. Could you imagine painting footprints of a fourteen-year-old? Ick. Well, fourteen-year-olds aren’t going to remember Mama on their own, so here is one quick and adorable way you can practice math content and have students create something to show some love on Mother’s Day.

In this Reflection Activity, students reflect line segments over the y-axis to create a heart and the word “MOM” in it. If that’s not cute enough, they can color it and add their own message like, “I’ve been REFLECTING OVER Y I love you” or “Your love TRANSFORMS me.” #cheesy #momwillloveit

There’s also a digital version using Google Slides where students drag the segments into place.


One more thing to note: I always make this assignment optional. We know that Mother’s Day may not always be something to celebrate for everyone, so if you feel comfortable enough to use this resource in your class, make sure you don’t make it mandatory for everyone.

Click the links below to get this activity.

Mother’s Day Reflection Activity (print version)

Mother’s Day Reflection Digital Activity

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