Middle School Math Halloween Activity

by Jennie Webb

On Halloween, the last thing middle school students want to think about is math. All they have on their minds is what they’re going to do that night and all the candy they will get. Well, what if you interrupt their daydreams of trick-or-treating with some math trick-or-treating?

One-Step Equations Trick or Treat Halloween Activity

You can trick-or-treat with your students as a review game. It’s simple. Students are given questions with 2 answer choices (one right and one wrong). When they make their choice, they find out if their answer is a trick (wrong answer) or a treat (right answer). It’s a fun and engaging way to practice math skills!

To add even more engagement, I offer real tricks and treats. If a student gets the answer correct, I let them choose a piece of candy from my candy bucket. If they get it wrong, I had some choices of tricks that included wearing fangs or googly eye glasses the rest of class, acting like a zombie, or wearing a hat that says “I got tricked.” Of course if students weren’t comfortable, I didn’t force them to do anything. It’s all meant to be fun for everyone!

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